Compulsory Reporting

Red Flags Of Elder Abuse For Community And Residential Care


Does someone you care about display any warning signs of mistreatment?

Organisations will need to be vigilant to ensure that our most vulnerable members of our community are protected from any form of elder abuse.

There are specific legislative requirements imposed on all aged care organisations to protect the care recipients within each organisation.

Physical Abuse

  • Inadequately explained fractures, bruises, welts, cuts, sores & burns;
  • Untreated pressure “bed” sores;


  • Lack of basic hygiene;
  • Lack of adequate food;
  • Lack of medical aids (glasses, walker, teeth, hearing aid, medications);
  • Lack of clean appropriate clothing;
  • Demented person left unsupervised;
  • Bed bound person left without care;
  • Home cluttered, filthy, in disrepair, or having fire & safety hazards;
  • Home without adequate facilities (stove, refrigerator, heat, cooling, working plumbing, and electricity);
  • Hoarding;

Financial Abuse

  • Lack of amenities victim could afford;
  • Elder “voluntarily” giving inappropriate financial reimbursement for needed care and companionship;
  • Caregiver has control of elder’s money but is failing to provide for elder’s needs;
  • Caretaker “living off” elder;
  • Elder has signed property transfers (Power of Attorney, new will, etc.) when unable to comprehend the transaction;

Psychological Abuse

  • Caregiver isolates elder (doesn’t let anyone into the home or speak to the elder);
  • Caregiver is aggressive, controlling, addicted, or uncaring;

Reporting Suspected Elder Abuse

  • Seek advice immediately from the management of the home that the elder is living in;
  • Contact the Complaints Investigation Scheme ph: 1800 550 552;
  • Contact the Commonwealth funded Advocacy Service in your state;
  • Contact the Police in your state;
  • Contact Proactive Complaints Management for advice ph: 0418 313 303;
  • Be Vigilant!
  • Do Not Sit Back and Accept Abuse!!
  • Report Abuse!!!
  • Make it your business!!!

Attached is a Pocket Guide that we have developed for staff of aged care facilities in regards to their obligations under Compulsory Reporting requirements Pocket Guide to Elder Abuse