Case Management

We will case manage the difficult complaints for you for a period of time in order to find a solution and give parties time to calm down. We provide a structure for the relationship so that parties can reach a solution without distress and hurt and eventually resume their relationship peacefully.


PCM’s case management will take the worry and stress out of difficult complaints by:

·   managing them for you and with you so that you can get on with running your business
·   scheduling and attending meetings with difficult complainants to resolve their concerns
·   being the contact point for the complainants who are time consuming and difficult to negotiate with
·   relating with government departments and agencies on your behalf if/when a complaint escalates and goes external
·   maintaining a solution focus and rapport with complainants to reach a mutually agreeable and workable solution
·   healing fractured relationships between yourself and your customers.

Case example (personal details changed)

A family member, angry about the care provided to his father, intimidated care staff and management for months until finally he became abusive towards staff and refused to leave the building. The management contacted PCM and we took over the contact with the family member so that when he needed to make contact with the care provider he spoke to PCM. We relayed his request or comments to management and facilitated a solution. This was maintained until gradually the relationship with the aged care provider and family member was healed.

The rebuilding of the relationship occurred by reintroducing staff to regularly observe discussions between the complainant and PCM. This resulted in both parties seeing the other party working collaboratively.

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