There are many instances where organisations may be required to undertake investigations for matters that may arise in the workplace. It is essential that any investigation conducted is transparent, unbiased and there is no conflict of interest between the investigator and the issue(s) that are being investigated. Proactive Complaints Management has undertaken a number of complex investigations involving:

•  Bullying and Harassment allegations;
•  Rostering disputes;
•  Complaints raised by both internal and external customers of the organisation;
•  Code of conduct concerns;
•  Sexual harassment allegations;


What can your organisation expect from Proactive Complaints Management?

1) An initial meeting with the relevant senior staff of the organisation to discuss and assess the appropriateness of conducting an investigation;

2) An agreement on the scope of the investigation;

3) An agreement on the reporting requirements i.e. who will receive the report and in what format;

4) Type of investigation i.e.
• Take statements only;
• Take statements and reach findings of fact; and
• Take statements and reach findings of fact as well as make recommendations either specific to the events or more generally;

5) The investigators obligations:
• Act fairly, without bias (including disclosing any potential conflicts of interests);
• Provide individuals who are involved in the investigation a full opportunity to participate and provide any information to the investigation;
• Make all reasonable enquiries to gather evidence before making a finding;
• Complete the investigation in a timely manner; and
• Observe strict confidentiality requirements outlined by the organisation/client;

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Conducting Effective Bullying and Harassment Investigations
This information sheet looks at the process of undertaking effective investigations and the process organisations should consider employing.

Conducting Effective Bullying & Harassment Investigations Fact Sheet

Conducting Effective Bullying & Harassment Investigations Fact Sheet

Role of Support Person

During an investigation an individual being interviewed may request that they bring along a support person. This fact sheet will explore the role and responsibilities of a support person and could also act as a policy guide for organisations.

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Workplace Investigations

A workplace investigation is stressful not only for the staff involved but also for the individual conducting the investigation.

We will now look at what an investigation is and the four (4) types of investigations that you could possible consider undertaking.


Workplace Investigations