Our training will help you and your staff to:


·   improve knowledge and skills

·   respond to complaints with confidence, ease and consistency

·   respond pro-actively to small complaints so they do not escalate

·   learn how to view a complaint as an opportunity to improve your service, not take it as a personal attack.

We meet with you to design training that meets your needs. The usual topics we address include:

·   customer service

·   managing difficult complaints in aged care

·   working with “demanding, manipulative, attention-seeking, challenging, selfish, cantankerous, difficult, time-consuming, self-centred”, behaviour in aged care

·   bullying awareness for staff and managers.

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Available In House Training Topics for Organisations

Proactive Complaints Management has a range of in-house training topics that are able to be delivered to your staff in your organisation.

All the presenters have trainer qualifications, for further details follow the link below and contact Steve via email at

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Some common failings in complaints management

In the link below you will find some common problems with complaints handling that organisations may experience.

It is not uncommon that complacency amongst staff may be a factor, however being aware what our customer expectations are is always crucial.

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In house training topics available for organisations

Here at Proactive Complaints Management we are able to tailor a training program that meets the needs of your organisation.

We work with you to ensure that our training is relevant, up to date and presented in an engaging and thought provoking manner.

Please see a sample of topics in the attached list that we can present at your next staff training session Available Training