Portfolio Category: Complaints Management


STOP-THINK-DO During Stressful interactions our emotions get hijacked by our fears and as a result we go into our default flight or fight mode of thinking. When our staff encounter a stressful event they may say/respond with the first thing that comes into their minds. The STOP-THINK-DO response is a simple way of handling these…
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Main Aggressive Vs Assertive

Aggressive Vs Assertive Behaviour Felling’s of frustration, confusion and anger can sometimes overwhelm our reactions to certain events. As a result of these feelings we may respond in a negative and hurtful way towards another party. In this video we will look at the following: o What is aggressive behaviour? o What is Assertive behaviour?…
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The 3 R’s of Complaints Handling

3 R’s of complaints handling This short video will assist in providing insights into the 3 R’s of handling a complainant – Recognise, Reassure & Resolve. The 3 R’s are in the steps we should take to assist a complainant to resolve their complaints in the first instance. The 3 R’s refer to the following:…
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